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What do you get when you have three brothers who are passionate about sightseeing and adventure?

Three Brothers


Did you know that currently there are only three authentic international Gullah Geechee Historians and tour guides in the world? Their names are Omary, Goodluck and Godfrey. Omary and Goodluck are both from East Africa Tanzania Arusha and Godfrey is from the United States of America Charleston, South Carolina.

Goodluck Sikawa and Omary both are vetted Gullah Geechee African tour guides and they are both locals from the land of their home. Throughout all of Mother Africa, Omary and Goodluck are the only two international full-blooded Gullah Geechee Historians and professional tour guides.

In Charleston South Carolina the United States of America we have one other International Gullah Geechee Historian and tour guide whose name is Godfrey Khill Gullah Jack the Geechee. Today in all of the United States Godfrey is the only authentic full-blooded Gullah Geechee certified tour guide.

America and Africa are both chain-linked together through the pain filled chains of the Atlantic Slave Trade of Africa. The Slave Trade begin in Africa then that floated all those many large cargo slave ships straight way across the water ways of the blood red Atlantic Ocean to Charleston South Carolina, the Holy City. At that time Charleston was also commonly known as “Heaven”. Heaven was one of Charleston’s many famous nicknames and it referred to the immediate generational wealth any white male did acquire from the British. The British guaranteed simply from proving the ownership of ten enslaved Gullah Geechee Africans. For every ten Gullah Geechee African slave the British handed out five hundred acres of land for free in order to help grow the population. 

Now is the time we set the historical records straight and tell the complete and entire history of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade from the very beginning in Mother Africa then all the way through until the very end which of course was Charleston South Carolina’s United States of America.

Did slavery truly end is a great question for many? In Charleston the last slave family was released and allowed to move off their enslaved property called the McCloud Slave Plantation only in the recent year of nineteen ninety.

On this international Gullah Geechee Africa Black History Tour we give you a truly unique tourism experience one that you will never be able to forget. We open up your eyes to the most beautiful hidden history of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade that started with Mother Africa then came directly across the Atlantic Ocean to the Golden city of Charleston which was the capital of slavery and the wealthiest city of all the other British American cities and today that fact still stands as true. 

The Atlantic Slave Trade gave Birth to the most powerful country we know today as America the Beautiful. 

Charleston averaged more than three hundred slave ships per day overloading the Charleston harbor. All those many cargo slave ships brought in the Gullah Geechee Africans as enslaved human property and they built up America just as the slaves were abused and used to built up Egypt.

Now we can actually experience the entire process of the most popular Atlantic Slave Trade’s treacherous journey. The Atlantic Slave Trade has connected Africa and America through the most lucrative water ways.

Gullah Geechee Africa is the premier tour and travel company that has changed the tourism and safari experience forever.

Your vacation will more exciting now than ever before. A safari experience is one of the best ways to experience something wonderful. East Africa has the most magical places to explore in the wild. A safari needs proper planning and preparation to avoid mishaps and tension during your vacation. Gullah Geechee Africa can help you explore the rich heritage of East Africa.

The safari experience

Ranging from the cradle of civilization where the origin of man was formed from the dust of Africa’s black land all the way to the to the sprawling white sandy beaches, mountain treks mount Kill and mont meru, the wildlife experience which range from the wildebeest migration all the way to the powerful lions which rule over the entire animal kingdom.

This is the cultural experience we all have been searching for yet most of us are never able to find it, until now.

No more worries nor stress because we have made finding this history easy for you, Gullah Geechee Africa and the three brothers have done all the research work that could be done.
From the United States of America all the way back to Africa we have connected the historical breadcrumbs
gathering up all the most exciting tourist information, destination location sites, historical landmarks in the WORLD in order to give our tourism customers the most authentic and passionate history of their lives.

This tourism experience is THE Tourism Experience that every human being must experience in order to insure a complete a fun getaway in paradise on earth, Mother Africa.