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Tanzania is simply amazing; the wiled best migration of the Serengeti National Park, the old big baobab trees of Tarangire National Park or the big dolphins swimming around the Mnemba Island, Tanzania is undoubtedly the best icon of Africa.

Not enough to mention but its beautiful people and their culture makes Tanzania a incomparable African travel destination. 

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Why Tanzania?

Tanzania is beautiful African country located in East Africa, It is country of extraordinary wildlife, beautiful beaches, archaeological towns and ancient sites.

Free standing Mountain on the earth and the tallest mountain in Africa the Kilimanjaro,  Climbing Kilimanjaro towers over the authentic view of small plateaus standing on the top of Africa is a lifetime experience you’ll ever have.


The Thrill of Africa awaits for you

Why Gullah Geechee Africa

Our teams of safari specialist have travelled utterly throughout Tanzania and East Africa, having experiencing and touch everything they need to tailor- and make the perfect trip for you.


Safe and responsible travel, always. As we come back to on the road, we would like to make sure our trips remain safe for everybody — for our travelers, our leaders and crew.


Traveling in East Africa is delightful. However, travel requires preparation. There are things you need to acquire before the trip. There are also other things.


Tanzania has so much to offer, from the both four corners of the countries. Such as Northern, Southern, Western, and Eastern. The best time to travel to Tanzania is during the dry season.


Accommodation is an essential part of your safari. For us comfort, peace of mind and safety come first. We select our accommodation as not each one will meet requirements.


The Kilimanjaro region doesn’t experience the uttermost winter or summer weather just because it’s directed located to the equator but it mostly experiencing.

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Our Featured Itineraries

Gullah Geechee Africa offers an amazing East African travel experience; a safari experience is one of the best ways to experience something wonderful. East Africa has the most magical places to explore the wild. A safari needs proper planning and preparation to avoid mishaps and tension during your vacation. Here are our detailed and professional itineraries.

Wildebeest Migration Safari

This fascinating Safari will take you to Serengeti National Park, where Natural phenomena takes place every year on the Earth natural phenomena 

Family Away FRom Home

If you want to enjoy your vacation, plan a family safari to East Africa. If you want something fun for the whole family.


If you are looking to nurture your newly found love, a honeymoon in East Africa is one of the best places to enjoy life. 

Lemosh Route

Featuring captivating scenic vistas, pristine wildlife, excellent acclimatization opportunities and low traffic of climbers.


the savanna