Zanzibar Holidays

The East African coast has many beautiful beaches that are popular tourist sites. The white beaches are popular with travelers who want a unique experience. If you desire to have your vacation on a beach, East Africa is the best place to start.

An enjoyable beach extension can be hard to plan and execute. The detailed planning and the best places to hangout may not come easy for a first time traveler. However, Gullah Geechee Africa offers excellent beach extensions in East Africa.

Zanzibar is the ultimate luxurious Swahili coast. It is famous as the land of spices. Also, the area is a tourist favorite, with many opting to come in through Dar es Salam and board a ferry to the island. There are great spots to vacation with hotels and lodges offering the best services. The government aims to make it a top tourist destination in the world. You can explore the marine resources in the area. The trips and tours around the town are worth it. Ultimately, Zanzibar has a lot to offer when it comes to a beach extension vacation.

Zanzibar activities

The Island of Zanzibar offers visitors many things to experience, learn, and enjoy. For sun lovers, white sand and surf – Zanzibar is a right place to be. Zanzibar is home to the amazing and beautiful beaches in the universe. Zanzibar is surrounded by many resort options for those looking for pampering. Zanzibar is famous also for the watersports like scuba diving, deep sea finishing, and snorkeling. If you love a bit traditional adventure, you can opt for a safari blue take a traditional dhow and explore the island.

Zanzibar Tours

While many people visit Zanzibar for relaxing mind, that doesn’t tell there’s nothing more to explore, Zanzibar is full of history and stunning sights worth visiting. East Africa Safari Guides can assist you immerse yourselves in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar beach

Leisure Playgrounds, Pro beaches, a truly Zanzibar. Beautiful white sand, clear crystal water good for swimming and scuba diving. Many people from different corners of the world visit to this small beach paradise. Walking through the terrace is unique style, going to the night market in Forodhani will make you not to want to leave this tiny island.

Stone Town

Old city, where you can walk down the stress seeing Arabic, Indian, and Portuguese fort architectures than Zanzibar. There’s a lot to see in Stone Town.

Mafia & Pemba Islands

Beautiful beaches are residing in Pemba, also recognizable for it is pro location for both fishing game and scuba diving, branding it to be very popular for those who are ocean lovers beyond the breakers. If Pemba is a secretly isolated, then Mafia is completely unknown, making it to be the ideal location for people with a chilling vibes. Tidal mangroves boast the diverse landscape, almost half of the Mafia chain’s coast is a marine park.

Honeymoon in Zanzibar

Romance and Zanzibar go hand in hand. The island’s spectacular natural beauty makes it a perfect place for you to spend the first days of a new life together. Resorts range from the lavish to the bare essentials, giving you plenty of freedom to design your own dream honeymoon. And what says “I love you” better than some relaxation before you jet across to the mainland to go on safari? Zanzibar is ideal best place to spend the very first days of a new life together. Good smell of Indian specie attract the romantic feelings and makes the new couple get to know each other deeply. Romance and Zanzibar go together, natural beauty and colorful flowers make the Zanzibar best for honeymoon. . And what says “I love you” better than some relaxation before you fly across to the mainland to go on safari in Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park?